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Looking online, a lot of people seem to wonder about how to make their own podcast, especially regarding the equipment. So, for anyone interested here’s the equipment I use and the process:

Equipment and Process

Cardoid Mic (used for the intro/outro) – Audio-Technica ATR2500 USB mic

Great mic for the money. I got it for around $65 on Amazon, US. As you can hear from the podcast, it sounds remarkably good. Far better than I was expecting for the money. The mic buttons are loose and the stand is pretty bad, but the mic has a solid range and is very affordable.

I record at home straight into Garageband.

I use this mic for the intro/outro and for any face-to-face interviews that aren’t hit-and-run ambush ones. For the hit and run, I don’t have the time or the place to set up a mic like this, so I just my iPhone using the Fire recording app (which I think is owned by Røde now, so I’m not sure if it works with other mics).

For location interviews, I use the same mic through an iPad recording into Garageband. You’ll need the camera adapter to put it through the iPad –

Now, one problem some people have with the iPad version of Garageband is that you’ll only get about 13 minutes of recording time. How to get around this is to set the tempo to the slowest possible (about 40pbm) and set the bars to automatic. Then you’ll get about 32 minutes.


The show is hosted on LibSyn, then a link added to the wordpress site, then the feed is put through FeedBurner. The link you get from there can be submitted to iTunes. And that’s it! You’re podcast is available to the world.


Any other questions, send me a message or tweet ( @MOTcast ) and I’ll answer.

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