Recording Assignment – What’s the strangest question a student has asked you?

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What weird, unexpected questions have students asked you? How did you answer? I’d love to hear them and use them on the show.

A recording would be amazing, but shy folks can just message you weird question and answer to @MOTcast

Guidelines of Recording Submission:

– Keep the story to 2 minutes or less

– start with your name (just first name is ok) and the country that the story happened in

– the story shouldn’t be derogatory about a particular nation/culture

Legal stuff: By submitting your recording you acknowledge that it may be discussed/included on the “Masters of TESOL” podcast, and that the recording could show up in full or in part online. You acknowledge that you are submitting the recording strictly for fun and educational purposes and expect no payment for it.

Recording Method:

You can just use your phone to record your story. We live in an age where our phones have pretty decent mics. Having said that…

don’t use the microphone on your headphones. The quality is not that good. Just speak into the bottom of your phone about 20cm from your mouth and it’ll sound way better. Want to sound really good? Record under a blanket/duvet/your coat and it’ll sound pretty damn good.

– record in a quiet room. Sounds obvious, but make sure there’s no music playing or TV in the background, or your housemate isn’t sanding down his new birdhouse.

– please record in MP3, M4A or WAV. Some phones default to a really low quality proprietary codec (like AMR or Samsung’s 3GA).

– email the file to mastersofTESOL(at) If the file is too big you can send a cloud link – either at the email address or @MOTcast – and I’ll download it.

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