About MOT

Hellooooooo, curious reader and listener…

I’m Bailey – teaching English since 2001 in Japan, the Czech Republic and currently in South Korea. I am a TESOL trainer, currently focusing on Second Language Acquisition and Intercultural Communication.

In each episode of my podcast Masters of TESOL, I speak to the people whose skulls are housing the biggest brains in the English language teaching industry. Whereas some other podcasts have instructors give advice based on their own classroom experience, this show shares ideas from professors and professionals who have deeply researched the issues. So everything they talk about has a solid theoretical background. And you can take that to the bank…

The show is in its early days right now, but I’d love to get input from listeners. Stories from the classroom (especially horror stories – we all love hearing those, right?!) and other bits and pieces are all welcome and gratefully received.  (@MOTcast or mastersofTESOL@gmail.com)





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